Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage practitioners strive to give you a relaxing experience and to help injury repair.

massage relaxation

Relaxation Massage
Everyone deals with stress; whether good or bad. Sometimes, a massage is just what the doctor ordered! Massage can decrease anxiety, heart rate and cortisol levels, all of which are beneficial to your health and well-being. A regular massage can help manage stress in the long term; likewise, if stress and tension has your shoulders or neck hurting, we are also able to bring relief and relaxation. Call Pope Chiropractic at 360-629-2524 to set up your next appointment!

massage injury therapy

Injury Rehab
Massage can provide the rehabilitation from an injury and relief that you desire! A massage increases circulatory movement and relaxes tight muscles which aid in the healing process. Soft tissue repair and structural movement can be restored simply by scheduling your massage today. To make an appointment, call Pope Chiropractic at 360-629-2524.