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If you are a new patient to Pope Chiropractic, let me get you up to speed.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  About half of all Americans make these goals each year, but less than 10% of people succeed.  This outcome is both the reason I don’t participate in the tradition and why I laughingly refer to New Year’s resolutions as a to-do list for the first week of January.

Here is my solution and I hope you will adopt it too. I embraced themes.  For instance one year my theme was “If not now…when?”  That year I addressed that sinister propensity toward procrastination and how asking “If not now, when?” could embolden us to take on new and interesting challenges.

In a previous year I proposed ….“Seize the joy!” hoping to grab those great times that fly through our year. Another year I affirmed that we are “Worth the Effort.”  Last year I encouraged us to “Find Wonderful” in the little things.

Let me know if you like the 2013 theme…“Ask it Over”

The nature of our questions, determine the outcome of the answers we get.  Simply put, quality questions return quality answers.

If you ask, “How can I lose twenty pounds?  You will get unhealthy answers. You will learn that losing twenty pounds of weight can be accomplished through dehydration, malnutrition and inactivity.  Sure, it is an easy answer, but at what cost?

You will end up with a very different answer when you…Ask it Over. “How can I gain five pounds of muscle and lose fifteen pounds of fat?” Now you’ve asked a quality question and you will get quality answers and the results will be spectacular!

Enjoy the Year, and see how great it is to Ask it Over