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You never know when you might get transported back into the past.  It happened in Back to the Future on purpose, but most of the best time-travel stories lead the characters on seemingly random journeys to a sorted past or troubled future.  My story is yet another variation on the theme.  I didn’t get transported, I got transfixed.

Minding my own business, reading through a website I had stumbled upon, provided the fuel that shot me back to the past.  Back over twenty years ago, as if I was sitting in the passenger seat of Doc’s DeLorean.

“Our intention creates our reality.”  — Wayne Dyer

There I was laying face down, barely covered, on a massage table.  The single window in the room was slightly cracked providing the white noise of a highway, but not much air.   On a shelf studded with rocks and crystals, a couple candles burned even though the hot summer’s day was in full swing.  I could see the tanned bare feet of the body-worker beneath the table with a couple silver toe rings highlighting the darkened room.

That is when Brenda, my eccentric, but phenomenal therapist said these words to me.  “When I give a massage, I only think about my intentions.  You know, it’s our intentions that create our reality.”

Okay, I had never thought of that.  At the moment I was figuring she must be right.  After an hour and a half of Hawaiian Body-Work she could probably have gotten me to agree that the sun revolved around the moon.  This ‘intention’ thing sounded good at first, but by

the time I was back to my skeptical self, my mind began ruminating on it.

It didn’t take long to remember that saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  In the real world, actions (our own, others and environmental) create our reality.  Nope, our intentions are just that…intentions.  They are barren without action.

Since the topic came up and teleported me into my past, why not re-visit it again and maybe I’ll agree with Brenda and Wayne.  But as much as I respect Wayne and adore Brenda, I still feel they are very wrong and here’s why.

If it’s Brenda’s intention to relax my right hamstrings, then that is all it is.  Nothing happens to my tight muscles.  The world is not changed, reality has not been altered.  If it’s Wayne’s intention to motivate a stadium full of tens of thousands of adoring fans, yet he doesn’t mobilize his people to act on that dream, it will never become a reality.

There is nothing wrong with intentions, but if you’re relying on your intentions to change things you are in for a disappointing life.
The lie pervades the human condition.  People say, “I want to be fit and healthy again.”  “I want to lose weight, and fit into my clothes again.”  “I wish my marriage was better.”  These are all intentions, but they will not lead to being fit and trim and happily married, at best they are weak prayers. I’ve seen too often were my earnest musings graduated into wishful desires and ultimately petrified into my best intentions.  I imagine it’s safe to safe you have followed the same course.

In order to get the change you really want, you must take action.  Don’t ever rely on intention to accomplish anything in your life, if you do you will be miserable and frustrated.  Intentions are easy.  They require very little of you, but they also don’t produce the results you want.  Take immediate action, go and work for what you desire.  That is how we create our reality.