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Natural Health and Injury Recovery for Children and Adults

Let’s look at some long over-used terms. Disease is simply the absence of health. In spite of what we are told — disease is not a thing. Disease is only noticed when health is reduced or missing. Disease is not something that can be added, it cannot be increased, or decreased, because it is not an entity. We cannot add disease any more than we could add darkness to a bright room, or increase silence to lessen the din of a noisy gymnasium.

Why do health care practitioners insist on focusing on disease? Sure, it gets our attention, but fighting disease is always harder and less successful than improving health. Early detection and correction of vertebral subluxations allows your body to express health fully. It’s never too late to make positive change and increase health.

Question: Why do many of us keep trying to treat symptoms, while ignoring the cause?
Answer: That is what the medical industry, and its far-reaching political complex, has trained us to do.
Solution: Chiropractic wellness care looks to the cause of problems and seeks to prevent and correct many of life’s stumbling blocks.