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Both Dr. Ray and Dr. Zach are incredible service providers. They have a professional approach and yet are warm and friendly. I have noticed that they listen and hear our concerns and respond accordingly. We are so grateful to them for our health


Camano Island, WA

I have never seen such talent in healing as Dr. Zach. His bedside manner is calm, caring and competent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Stanwood, Wa

My main problem at the time was sciatica. The pain from that is all gone after my treatments. Dr. Pope diagnosed my problem and with regular treatments took away the pain.

Phyllis T

Stanwood, WA

I love the different approaches to positive health and wellness.


He is very good. I have faith in him. I come back to him all the time and he takes away my neck and lower back pain … [Chiropractic care] is necessary and it’s a good thing. It keeps me going.

Marlys W

Camano Island, WA

If I get really bad, he gets me back to working order. I’m not in pain and it’s a pleasant experience. He’s very nice and I appreciate how flexible the staff is with scheduling and they get me in when it works best for me. Another big plus is that I do not have to leave the island to get excellent chiropractic care. That is a big deal since we already have to leave the island for many other services or goods. We are very fortunate that he has chosen to have his practice here instead of a bigger city. Thank you, Dr. Pope.

Laura B

Camano Island, WA

I was there due to an accident. I had neck and shoulder pain from being rear ended. I was suffering and I went through all the hoops of seeing a regular MD, I had a MRI, I went to physical therapy etc. and I feel Dr. Pope helped me more than any of the others. He was my last stop, but he should have been my first.

Kathy P

Stanwood, WA

I have consistently received excellent chiropractic care from Ray for the past eight years. So much so, that since moving to Mount Vernon, I have continued to drive to Camano to go to Ray. He cares deeply for his patients and is active in helping them live healthy lives.


I had strained my neck muscles and could barely move my neck. After a couple days of treatment, I was back to normal. I was a wreck before seeing him. I was losing feeling in my arm. He has helped out a lot. I chose to see a chiropractor so that I wouldn’t have to take pain medication.

Dawn N

Camano Island, WA

Combined, you two are like the dream team.


Camano Island, WA

I can’t say enough about how wonderful he is, he’s helped me so much. I work in a bank on a computer all day long. I had horrible pain in my whole right arm. It was numb and very sensitive to any weight around my neck. I’ve been seeing him for about a year and a half. As soon as I started going to him I felt better and then I got really better. I always go once a month now and he has turned me into somebody who can work without horrible pain.

Sandra L

Camano Island, WA

I first came to see Dr. Pope almost 2 years ago now. I had just had my second child and I was having some major issues with dizziness. It was a scary thing to not be in control of my body. I was afraid to be home alone with my kids and I worried that I would pass out, fall, or drop one of them and no one would know for hours. I went to an ENT, had an MRI and when none of those things came up with any answers my massage therapist recommended I see Dr. Pope. I was nervous and a bit skeptical at first not knowing how I would react or if this would help in any way but Dr. Pope was very calming, reassuring, and patient. As soon as I received my first adjustment I felt immediate relief! After seeing Dr. Pope on a regular basis for 3 months my dizziness had subsided. After 6 months it was completely GONE! And now, almost 2 years later I am still dizzy free.

Candace H

Camano Island, WA

I’ve struggled with back and sciatic pain and he [Dr. Pope] has helped tremendously. He recently helped me with my knee pain and now it feels great. It is good to know that I have a chiropractor I can trust. I feel cared for and my kids love coming to the office. The Pope family feel like friends.

Melanie M

Camano Island, WA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pope’s since he had his practice in Edmonds. I just had to move to Stanwood so I could continue to get adjustments from the best. No one else compares.


Stanwood, WA

Not only have I received top-notch chiropractic care from Ray, but his wellness program, “The Power of 90,” has also impacted my life. My eating habits, and the way I think about my health, have greatly improved since going through the program.


My foot has felt amazingly better since being adjusted. I walked uphill today and was able to balance on the ball of my foot for the first time since walking again, without falling over. It was a really rewarding feeling. Thank you, Dr. Pope!

Mindy D

Plain, WA

Spa Center


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